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SandArtNW - the home of  Sand Art fun and crafts in the North West

Parties - Workshops - Festivals - Corporate Events

Find all the Sand Art and crafts information you need on our site. No matter what your next fun creative endeavour is, whether you need an activity station for an event, entertainment for a wedding or a wedding sand ceremony, a home craft kit or for us to facilitate a craft workshop for you, we have the highest quality materials you need to get it done right. 

If you want to keep your children entertained and happy with crafts and activities for your children to do at home, SandArtNW can help.

With over 20 years experience within the Youth Services and covering all areas within the North West, a degree, First Aid training, DBS check and £5 million public liability insurance  you can be sure you are in safe and very experienced hands!

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Crafts and fun for all

We believe that everyone has the ability to be creative, as long as they let themselves be.

At SandArtNW, we’re committed to delivering the best experience for our customers - the best prices, the best service and the best selection. 

We strive to give our customers all of the options to let their creativity run wild. 

Most of all we hope you have fun!

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For All ages and Abilities

From A4 - A6, we have hundreds of different pictures to accommodate all abilities, styles and tastes

SandArt is an experience rather than just a product. We provide a fun and exciting way to entertain children. With our SandArtNW picture workshops, Borrow Boxes or DIY kits, children get hands-on to create amazing pictures with brightly coloured sand. We then put the finished picture into a protective sleeve with a hanger.

Enjoyed by boys and girls alike from 3 years old and upwards, SandArtNW picture workshops are entertaining, educational and inspiring, whilst they encourage creativity, imagination, concentration, artistic abilities and also help to develop fine motor skills.

SandArtNW picture workshops are fully inclusive and are especially suitable for children with disabilities and special needs to enjoy an activity alongside everyone else.

Children are able to choose one of our many picture designs and we really do have a great selection for both boys and girls of different age groups and abilities.


DIY Bear Kits

Everything you need to make your own little friend!

Each of these delightful Teddy Tastic toys are delivered complete with a bag of cuddle filling, a heart and certificate.

The head, arms and legs are pre-stuffed, with an internal one way zip and velcro fastening to the body to secure the cuddle filling. They are easy and fun to make at home with children of all ages. The toys are all 40.6cm (16”) in height.

One bag of stuffing is required to fill one toy.


Arbee's Craft Club

Everything you need for your craft projects

Find all the supplies you need on our site. No matter what your next creative endeavour is, we have the highest quality materials you need to get it done right. 

Sandy Phonics

For early mark making, creative work and early writing skills.

Helps to develop co-ordination, fine motor skills and concentration.

Using sand to mark make, gives children a pressure free resource to begin letter formation. The benefit of sand is that it can be easily wiped away for children to try again.
Use alongside our Sandy Phonics alphabet cards to assist your child in learning letter formation in an engaging and fun way.

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Explore your senses

From Rizzo Bath Products to Squidgy Sand, we have some great products for you to try out




On behalf of all our keyworker children and parents, we would like to thankyou for your generous donation of SandArt kits. One of our main curriculum drivers is, and always has been, children's mental health. We found that putting calming music on and creating this artwork was an excellent way for children to practice their mindfullness and be at peace. All children were completely engrossed in the activity and felt a real sense of achievement when sharing their finished piece. It made such a differemce and we would recommend unreservedly. Kind Regards, Bedford Hall Staff.

Bedford Hall Methodist Primary School

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Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked, We Answered

Do you provide packs for groups?

Of course - they can either be provided as individual kits with everything you need to make each individual picture (including sand, instructions etc)  or can be provided as a mixed bundle of pictures with larger bottles of sand, so it gives more freedom of choice with colours. These are ideal for PTA events as fundraisers!

What are the payment options?

  1. You can pay on collection if you are picking up in person

  2. You can pay via PayPal

  3. You can pay via BACS transfer

  4. I can text you a payment link

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes we do - simply tell us the amount you wish your gift card to be for and one can be sent out to you. 

If you require it to go to a different address, simply let us know.

What happens if we need more sand?

In the unlikely event that you don't have enough sand to finish your picture, simply get in touch and we can help you out!

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