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Sculpture Block

Sculpture Block is an excellent rigid foam material for creative design. It allows you to create shapes and sculptures quicker than with any other modelling or sculpting material.

Sculpture Block is perfect for children and adults, whether experienced sculptors or beginners. It is very light and strong and extremely simple to use.

With Sculpture Block you can create sophisticated and detailed shapes that might not be possible with stone or wood. Sculpture Block can be cut with a saw, carved with chisels or rifflers and sanded using a rasp or file. Shapes can be glued together with epoxy or Sculpture Block adhesive and your finished work can be painted, varnished or coated at will.


Design your own Kites

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Pens and Paints


Semi-transparent, water-based, high quality glossy acrylic paint, suitable both as poster paint and on many other light and absorbent surfaces.

The paint can be applied with a brush and dabbed or rolled on surfaces with stencils and foam rollers. Rinse tools in lukewarm water after use.


Good quality, water-based dual-pen with a good shelf life


Wooden Crafts

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