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Sand Ceremonies

Have a Sand Ceremony as part of your wedding

A sand ceremony is simple yet meaningful, easily customised, and the couple are left with a unique keepsake of the day, in addition to photos or film. The symbolic pouring of coloured sands into a beautiful vase or a shadow box with layers of coloured sand added by other members of the family is a touching reminder of the vows made on the wedding day.

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SandArt Wedding Entertainment

From individual kits to do at the table during the speeches to full SandArt activity stations, the choice is yours!

SandArt Wedding Entertainment

From individual kits to do at the table during the speeches to full SandArt activity stations, the choice is yours!


Getting kid’s wedding entertainment right is mostly about giving license for children to enjoy themselves, along with a bit of guidance and designated spaces for this to happen.

One of the secrets to having a stress-free wedding day is by providing some way of entertaining children and keeping the kids busy during your wedding. Some couples opt to have a kid free (adults only) wedding. By doing this, you may be eliminating potential guests that would normally wish to bring their children along, as well as those who are unable to find a someone to look after their children whilst they attend your wedding. An entertainer and a designated area for children to play at your wedding means that your ‘little guests’ don’t get bored and that they will always remember your wedding as a fun and special occasion rather than one where they had to keep still and be quiet.
Finding that balance is important. Adding entertainment for kids at a wedding can help you ensure that everyone is looked after, leaving you to enjoy your own day properly. Most couples will have wedding entertainment as a high priority on their to-do list of wedding planning tasks but will often forget about organising wedding entertainment for children. Overall, you will want your friends and family to enjoy themselves at your wedding, be relaxed and have fun! If your guests are bringing kids with them, you will need some kids wedding entertainment ideas to help keep them busy! The upside to this is that your guests will have more freedom to enjoy themselves if they know that there is children’s wedding entertainment to take the pressure off them. The children will love having a momento of the day to take home with them that they have created to remind them of your special day.

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Dear Kate,
We are so pleased that we chose your services for our wedding reception.  It was such a relief to know that the children were entertained throughout the speeches.
Your friendliness and professionalism surpassed our expectations and we will definitely recommend you. 
Thank you again for making our special day stress free!

Claire & Phil

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