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Simply choose the amount of sand you would like - sand tubes, sand bottles or 1kg bags of sand. Then choose the colour of sand you would like!

Our coloured sand is eco dyed and meets all UK and EC safety standards

open sand tube.jpg

Sand Tubes

Want more colour choices for your picture pack? Why not extend your choices by adding a few extra tubes to your order to enhance your sand art experience.

All of our sand tubes are perfect for those new to sand art or who wish to try it out without committing to a full bundle kit

These tubes hold approx 5g. The tubes have a tight fit lid to ensure safety with little ones, a flip cap and a tiny hole to make sure that the sand sprinkles only on the picture where you need it and doesn't fall out if the tubes are knocked over.  The sand is colour fast, does not stick or stain.

The sand containers are not suitable for unsupervised children under 36 months due to small parts.


Sand Bottles

Perfect for family sand artists, for parties, for sharing, for craft clubs and more.

Our sand is made and created especially for sand art, meaning that it meets the highest toy standards, and the grains are big enough to feel like proper sand, but small enough so that they stick securely to the pictures.

The bottles are a high quality PET plastic and we want to encourage people to reuse as much as possible, and in order to help this we have a recycle option.

Recycle Option:

Return the empty (undamaged) bottles to us when you finish for a 50p a bottle credit that you can use against your future purposes.

1kg coloured sand bags.png

1kg Bags of Sand

These large bags are perfect for sensory play! Add them to a sand pit, Tuff Tray or simply pour into a bowl. All of our sand is colour fast.

Our sand can also be used for stunning centrepieces for your wedding or adding unique detail to wedding favours.

You can use this sand for sand ceremonies, create sand displays in clear vases and containers or, if you're going for a beach-inspired celebration, add small amounts to small mini bottles to create message-in-a-bottle wedding favours or save-the-dates.

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