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Risso Bath Products

Angel Powder and Bath Popz

These amazing products are not only good fun but can also be used to help teach! 
What happens when you mix two colours together?
Can you make tertiary colours from secondary colours?

Risso Angel Powder

125g of Angel Powder from Risso

Simply sprinkle into the bath water to see the water change colour. Colours can be mixed, so why not use the yellow and blue together to make a green bath!

Designed especially for children, and made from Bicarbonate of Soda, Angel Powder is a natural and gentle way to add colour and bathtime fun.

Produced to EC Cosmetic Standards.  Doesn't stain children, clothes or bath tubs.

bath colours.jpg

Bath Popz

3 fun mini sponge shapes

Simply drop a capsule into the warm bath water and wait for the capsule to "pop" and out pop 3 colourful fun sponge shapes. 

3 sponges per "pop" based on the packet theme and there are 8 different themes to collect.

bath popz popped.jpg
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