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Scuplture Block - The Art of Easy Sculpting

All artists and 3D designers love Sculpture Block® due to its multifunctional qualities:

  • Extremely light and strong sculpture material for long-lasting results.
  • Is easy to shape, user-friendly and much faster to use than any other sculpture product.
  • You can create highly refined and detailed sculptures.
  • The material is ready to use and requires no preliminary or follow-up treatment.
  • It is very cost-effectieve compared to wood or stone.
  • Can be shaped with a saw, a round chisel, a rasp  or sandpaper.
  • Can be used for any design of shape.
  • Can be glued with any type of glue. Epoxy glue works the best.
  • Can be painted with any type of paint.
  • Can be decorated with any type of material.
  • Suitable for young and old, experienced and inexperienced.

Each item listed here is Pre-Cut, ideal for working with younger children, or for quicker and simpler workshops whilst you get used to working with the product.

Single square block

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