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Sandyphonics is Kids Bee Happys Trademarked toolkit for helping children learn their letters.  Everyone enjoys sand, and what easier medium is there for writing, rubbing out, and doing more writing.  The sensory and tactile nature of sand helps make writing fun,

And as we are talking here about helping little children learn, we've decided that its only appropriate to introduce these products in the most environmentally friendly resources and materials that we can find.  Reuseable, strong, and good for the environment.


Whether you're playing with sand, working with sand, or learning with sand, you always need one thing - a good bag to put it in.  And that's what we have here for you.

Our wonderful Tin Tie bags are made from compostable material, and the PLA window (made from starch) means that you can still see inside and make sure you pick up the right colour of sand.

The size and strength of the bag makes it secure, it easily and reliably holds 1kg of sand, and all you do to reseal is simple roll the tin tie over a couple of times and tuck the ends behind.  Simple, effective, and environmentally friendly.

Simply tip some of the coloured sand into the tray to let the children practise drawing letter and number shapes. 

The trays have enough room so that the child can draw the letter 3 or 4 times, but its also small enough so that children can sit side by side at a normal table without the trays getting in the way.  The tray is also gently shelved to help ensure that the sand stays in the tray.

When you've finished, the tray also fits perfectly inside our Tin Tie bags, perfect for easy storage.

Sandy Phonics Mark Making Set

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