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Helping your students learn to form their letters by using sand is one of the oldest techniques we have.  Remove the worries about how to hold the pen and just repeat the shapes and form by using your fingers writing in warm tactile sand.

Make the sand bright and colourful and add another element of fun.  Infact why not use mutlicoloured sand to make it even better.

Our simple class pack includes the things that you need to make this an easy desktop activity, quick and easy to put out and clear away.

Each class pack contains:

  • 3kg bag of Rainbow Sand - Mixed grains of coloured sand - every bag is unique
  • 30 compostable Bagasse trays (26cm)
  • 6 Tin Tie Bags (tray fits inside perfectly to easily tip sand back after use, and seal with tin ties)

Sandy Phonics Class Pack

£35.00 Regular Price
£30.00Sale Price
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