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So what is Sand Art?

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Sand Art is an experience rather than just a product. We provide a fun and exciting way to entertain children. With our SandArtNW picture workshops, children get hands-on to create amazing pictures with brightly coloured sand. We then put the finished picture into a sleeve with a hanger.

Enjoyed by boys and girls alike, from 3 years old and upwards, SandArtNW picture workshops are entertaining, educational, and inspiring whilst they encourage creativity, imagination, concentration, artistic abilities and also help to develop fine motor skills. SandArtNW sand art picture workshops are fully inclusive and are especially suitable for children with disabilities and special needs to enjoy an activity alongside everyone else.

Children are able to choose one of our many picture designs, and we really do have a great selection for both boys and girls of different age groups and abilities. Our pictures are all pre-laser cut and printed in yellow and black. By using a picker, they place it inside the black line and by sliding it under a corner they peel off the yellow layer, which reveals a white pre-glued area. We use bowls of coloured sand that the children then hold their picture over and spoon the sand onto. The sand sticks to the pre-glued area. The picture is completed by taking off each individual section, including the background and even the black lines if they want to.

The person completing the picture uses their imagination to create the picture in the colours they wish. For children it helps to build their skills and it is a lovely activity to keep them busy for 30 minutes or for you to spend the time together while they enjoy creating their masterpiece. Most of all, it is great fun. Whichever Sand Art picture the children choose, there is always lots of room for creativity. We encourage children to be brave with their colour choices, creating pictures with glorious pink, yellow and red sunsets through to our own personal favourites including Pink Dolphins. Whatever the children want – it’s their creation. It is possible for children to mix and blend the colours of sand on their pictures, creating wonderful colourful effects which really make their pictures stand out.

Our quick compare chart shows just how good a choice SandArt is for anywhere you need children (and adults) to be entertained. The great thing about SandArt is how it entertains so many children for so long. Very few entertainment options are suitable for everyone from toddlers through to teenagers and beyond. This makes it fabulous value for money and unlike many other activities such as bouncy castles, you really don’t have to worry about the weather. If it warm and sunny we can take the SandArt tables outside, if it is cold and wet then we can do Sand Art inside.

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